A fully equipped research lab donated by “Cambio Software Engineering, Sri Lanka”. The focus of this facility is to conduct research related to biomedical engineering. The lab consists of cutting edge equipment such as,

  • AMD FirePro W9100
  • OpenBCI boards
  • Muscle Spikerbox and Spikershield
  • Heart and Brain Spikershield bundle
  • Lynxmotion AL5D robot arm x3

This page contains the supplementary material to,


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Our Team

Academic Staff


  • Mabeesha Wijekoon (Undergraduate thesis student) [Email]
  • Rahal Mewadawwa (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Dinuka Chathuranga (Undergraduate thesis student)


  • Computer gaming
    • Biofeedback Inputs for First Person Shooter Games (E12)
      • Sanjeeva Kumara, Chamini Perera, Sasitha Rajapaksha, Titus Nanda Kumara, Isuru Nawinne, Roshan Ragel.
      • [Web,Add link to thesis here]
    • Hybrid Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment for Computer Games (E13)
    • Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in FPS Games (E14)
  • ECG Based emotion detection
    • Emotion based safety measures for drivers (E12)
    • An Optimal Set of Features for ECG based Human Emotion Recognition (E13)
  • EEG and EMG
    • Realtime Movements in Human Controlled Robots (E12)
      • Amila Ukwaththage, Asanka Kumara, Thushani Kallamullage, Titus Nanda Kumara, Isuru Nawinne, Roshan Ragel.
      • Add link to thesis here


  • T Dissanayake, Y Rajapaksha, R Ragel, I Nawinne. An Ensemble Learning Approach for Electrocardiogram Sensor Based Human Emotion Recognition Sensors 19 (20), 4495 [Abstract, PDF, Cite]


  • Theekshana Dissanayake (Undergraduate thesis student, graduate researcher) : now at Queensland University of Technology. [Linkedin, Researchgate]
  • Yasitha Rajapaksha (Undergraduate thesis student) : now at XXXX. [LinkedIn, Researchgate]
  • Titus Nanda Kumara (Undergraduate thesis student, graduate researcher) : now at Western Sydney University. [Researchgate, Google scholar,Email]
  • Brian Udugama (Undergraduate thesis student) : now at Qubits lab, University of Peradeniya.
  • Amila Ukwaththage (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Asanka Kumara (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Thushani Kallamullage (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Ching Tien Shi (Undergraduate thesis student) : now at WSO2
  • Vimukthi Perera (Undergraduate thesis student) : now at WSO2
  • Sanjeeva Kumara (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Chamini Perera (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Sasitha Rajapaksha (Undergraduate thesis student)