Research Date : Jan. 1, 2015 - Present

Welcome to the Embedded Systems and Computer Architecture Lab (ESCAL) GPU Research Center at the prestigious University of Peradeniya, a venerable institution with a rich academic tradition. Rooted in pioneering research, our center is dedicated to advancing the frontiers of High-Performance Computing (HPC) within the realm of GPU technologies, tailored to the nuances of embedded computer systems.

At ESCAL GPU Research Center, we are committed to enhancing computational performance by orchestrating a symphony of innovations spanning the entire computing spectrum. Our dynamic research landscape encompasses a holistic approach, seamlessly interweaving algorithmic refinements and hardware enhancements. With an unwavering emphasis on achieving accelerated computing prowess, our endeavors encompass diverse domains, including but not limited to bio-computing, computer security, machine learning, data mining, and physics.

Anchored within the Department of Computer Engineering, our center operates as an integral part of the NVIDIA Research Center at the University of Peradeniya. Collaborating with the global expertise of NVIDIA GPUs, we harness their immense capabilities to propel high-performance computing to unprecedented heights.

As trailblazers in GPU Computing, our mission echoes the ethos of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. We invite you to explore our NVIDIA Research Center's insights and accomplishments, accessible through our official website here. Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine the boundaries of computation and unlock new vistas of embedded system performance.


GPU accelerated adaptive banded event alignment for rapid comparative nanopore signal analysis

Hasindu Gamaarachchi, Chun Wai Lam, Gihan Jayatilaka, Hiruna Samarakoon, Jared T. Simpson, Martin A. Smith, Sri Parameswaran

BMC Bioinformatics

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